Bogaloo's Flashdance


2 years

Born: 06.03.2016

Owner: Marica Sundholm & Jens Strehlow, Finström

Hips: A-A

Eyes: Clear

Fucosidosis: Clear

Pra Cord1: Clear



Excellent, CCq, Res-CC


Frenja is a superhappy girl who loves to go with her family in their boat on summertrips and in autumns track wounded game.


11 months

13 months in first show


FinCh EstCh LvCh LtCh BaltCh EstJunCh LvJunCh LtJunCh BaltJunCh LtW-13 LvW-13 LvW-12 HeJunW-11 FinJunW-11 BaltJunW-11 LatvW-14 BaltW-14
Bimbik's Finch

WW-09  PlCh  HCh PlCw-08 Cz Cw-08 PlJCh AJCh PlJCw-07 AJCw-07 EuJW-07 PlJW-07
Linmoor Zimply Zalient
EstJunCh LvW-08
Bogaloo's Yes It's Me
Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon
Winton Man On The Moon
C.I.B C.I.E FinCh SwedShCh DkCh NorwCh NordCh EstCh LtCh LvCh BaltCh BytCh RuCh FinW-07 LtJunW-07 EstJunW-07 NaltW-08 ByW-08 NordW-11
Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon



English Springer Spaniels since 1992
Terrier Brasileiro since 2017
Placed in the beutiful archipelago Aaland Islands


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    Berghamnsvägen 738 AX-22240 Hammarland Åland, Finland