Bogaloo's Good Old Memories


10 months old


Born: 06.03.2016
Owner: Christina Carrass, Sweden
Hips: A-A

Fucosidosis Clear
GPRA Cord1: Clear




Lina 14 months after a showday

Lina spends lot of time with family sailing with their sailboat at summers

C.I.E SwedTrackCh NordCh
Astrospring's Phoenix

SU(u)Ch SwedTrackCh NorwTrackCh
Astrospring's Niim
SU(u)Ch DkCh NorwCh NordCh NordW-10
Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer

NordCh SwedTrackCh
Astrospring's Ishtar
C.I.E NordCh SwedVW-16 VWW-17
Art-Wave's Tempo Di Pace
Beresford Benefactor
Trimere Triscelli
Bogaloo's Flower Power
FinCh EstCh LvCh LtCh BaltCh EstJunCh LvJunCh LtJunCh BaltJunCh LtW-13 LvW-13 LvW-12 HeJunW-11 FinJunW-11 BaltJunW-11 LatvW-14 BaltW-14
Bimbik's Finch
WW-09  PlCh  HCh PlCw-08 Cz Cw-08 PlJCh AJCh PlJCw-07 AJCw-07 EuJW-07 PlJW-07
Linmoor Zimply Zalient
EstJunCh LvW-08
Bogaloo's Yes It's Me

Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon

Winton Man On The Moon
C.I.B C.I.E FinCh SwedShCh DkCh NorwCh NordCh EstCh LtCh LvCh BaltCh BytCh RuCh FinW-07 LtJunW-07 EstJunW-07 NaltW-08 ByW-08 NordW-11
Wildomar's Dig Dub ' N ' Deny


English Springer Spaniels since 1990
Terrier Brasileiro since 2017
Placed in the beutiful archipelago Aaland Islands


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    Berghamnsvägen 738 AX-22240 Hammarland Åland, Finland