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September 10

"Nellie" Bogaloo's Girl Power At Spring Ace has been again in tracking competition with Ann-Helen and got there another 1'st price and got her title, we are so proud of them.

Nellie new Championtitle

August 26

"Dottie" B.Hungry Heart did travel to Finland to Pöytyä to do the huntingabilitytest. and passed so now she is new FINNISH CHAMPION & NORWEGIAN CHAMPION.

Judge Sari Vottonen and Isabell with new Champion Dottie

August 19

Yesterday was "Nellie" Bogaloo's Girl Power At Spring Ace in Kauhava gr.show and was there getting BB-1, CC and BOS.

All Puppies have now moved and we are trying to get good routines in house with little "Jessie" Bogaloo's Just A Heavenly Scent togheter with our adult wildsters, she seem to be extremely talented in reading the other dogs bodylanguage so so far it is going just superb :)


August 10

All puppies has found their homes, "Jessie" will stay here. It has been a really busy summer with them and so much fun, we have never had this calm and wellbehaved puppies before, so easy going personalities. There has been no shows during summer due to the puppies at home.

June 10

We have puppies, she got 2 boys and 4 girls, we lost one girl which was very weak when born. They are now 10 days and so cute, eat and sleep and looks like small footballs :)

In end of May we also had our yearly group show in Lemland. As usuall we had Isabell visiting with her dogs and also this year "Dottie" B.Hungry Heart did well in the show and she was BB-1, got her last Finnish CC and was BOS.

Dottie BOS and BOB was Norwegian dog Bjøsi's Massey Ferguson

"Greta" B.Gypsy Flower got Exc2 and "Ivan" B.In Love And War made his debute and got Vg3. "Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva got a Vg also. Rainy windy day.

On top of that "Dottie" B.Hungry Heart also started rally obedience and got two nice results and new title RLDN.

May 08

We've been on a weekend trip last weekend to Pöytyä Group show, we bringed 3 breeds with us and had change of judge on all 3 of them. Well, we got for springer breed specialist Sanna Kavén (Wildomar's ESS) so it went just even more exciting there.
We had only one ESS with, and that was "Greta" B.Gypsy Flower, she showed nicely as she always do and ended up not just BB-1 with CC but also BOB!

Greta BOB - BOS Adatza's This Is Your Song
"Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva didnt at all fit the new judges taste and she got her first finnish Vg.
Now we have 2 more shows ahead and then we will just wait for the puppies

April 06

New photo of "Ivan" B.In Love And War, almost 15 months old

April 01

Finally some puppy news. "Hilda" B.Heavenly Anthem is now mated, puppies hopefylly in end of may/beginning of june. More info on puppy page.

March 04

"Inez" Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow was x-rayed and got her officiall result A-A hips and 0-0 Elbows.
New photos of "Indie" Bogaloo's India Silk 1year old.

January 29

We've been on a weekend trip last weekend where we started with Turku Int.Show.
We got unfortunately watertail to "Greta" B.Gypsy Flower and even if it was almost well at showday we do not want to show her if not in perfect condition (tail was obciously still a bit tired and we want her to look as the happy dog she also is) so she was tourist at the show. "Hilda" B.Heavenly Anthem did participate, and she got there her first Vg and ended as Vg4. She got a lovely evaluation but everyone do not like same type and kind of dogs so today she wasnt what this judge liked.
"Dottie" B.Hungry Heart came for the show also from Sweden, her first show after her litter of puppies in September, and she got there Exc3.

Sisters Hilda & Dottie beside showring

Our little "Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva was tired after a long day at showplace (she showed very late) and even if showed nice she suddenly when entered the ring thinked that was more fun to sniff the ground than to concentrate on me, this was a new trick from her which surprised me.
She got anyway there nicely Exc1, Cq, BB-2, Res-CC and Res-CACIB.

We did then spend time in a very comfortable apartement the night and next day went to eye check our black girls. This time we did also Gonioscope them, and Eyes clear in both, and Hilda Goniscopy ICAA Iridocorneal clear, Greta Gonioscopy ICAA Iridocorneal moderate, we then descided when also her sister "Nellie" has note that has also changed since last check in Gonioscopy, that we will not breed to Greta when she wasnt clear.
This is life, life happens as it is said and no matter, she is still "the best" and we love her to bits <3

Girls and Kicke in the ferry at way home

We now instead plan a litter with our funny clown Hilda, so maybe future will give us one more active impulsive member to family. More info later.

News 2018

November 08

Last weekend "Inez" Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow was travelling to Denmark and DKK Herning, she was there showed two days and was awarded Exc2 and Exc3.


October 29

Last weekend "Inez" Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow was first time in JuniorClass in Mjölby SSRK, she got there nicely a Exc.
Big sister "Hetty" Bogaloo's Happy In My Heart was in same show and got Exc2 Cq.

Inez & Hetty after the show

In Seinäjoki Int. was "Nellie" Bogaloo's Girl Power At Spring Ace Exc1 Cq.

Nellie with her Cq-rosett


October 04

Last weekend we entered in Eckerö Int. show with all of our girls and also Inez visited from Sweden :)

"Inez" Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow was first out as she is still in puppyclasses and she performed nicely and got 1Hp and BOB-Puppy.

Lena And Inez

"Hilda" Bogaloo's Heavenly Anthem had a few moments of "standing still" not so much but still :) She as usuall always moves nice and the judge of the day seemed to like her as she was Exc1, Cq, BB2, Res-CC and Res-CACIB.
"Greta" Bogaloo's Gypsy Flower showed nice as she always do, but wasnt in the taste of the judge, she got Exc3 so not bad still.

Second day it was our little blue one "Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva. Showed her first time in new leash, actually Hildas, and it worked nice so now we have to get her a own "bling bling leash" :) It was quite many TB's entered (1+6) and she got there nicely Exc1, Cq, BB2, Res-CC and Res-CACIB.

Becca relaxing in front of the fireplace, her favourite place.


September 17

The weekend that was we had the yearly Inoff.show in Åland held by Agility.ax, a favourite event as it is always very nicely arranged.
First out was little "Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva, today again moving superb, was a bit worried as it seems she is starting her season and she always gets so "off" when have season but it didnt affect at all. she enjoyed and was BOB and later on 3'rd in group.

Becca in ring
(and when finally showed the other side, then my photographer was in this side *s*)

The lovely Ms."Greta" Bogaloo's Gypsy Flower did show nice as usuall and was very nicely handled today by Marie-Louise, today she placed as BB-2.

Greta and Marie-Louise

Then it was the wild and always exciting one, "Hilda" Bogaloo's Heavenly Anthem...never know what she will get in her mind or when. She did not want to stand today (her most common trick), I tried free stacking as it worked so nicely last weekend for Isabell... but... lets say I need some more training on that, she didnt understood what it was I wanted her to do. However she as usuall moved, and that is something she knows how to do nice, today she moved herself to a BOB, BIG-1 & BIS-3

Hilda BIS-3

Was a very nice (and much sand and dust) day. Thank you all that made the day so nice.


September 14

Last weekend we finally got on our "Sweden tour". Our goal was to visit Isabell, "Dottie" and her puppies, one week old at the time. We had a really lovely weekend and Dotties puppies looked very nice, will be exciting to follow them grow up. Also our dogs did love to spend some time again with Dottie.

Dottie, Becca, Greta & Hilda, in Tierp

Same trip we also entered our girls to SKK Gimo, as it is very close to where Isabell lives.
First day we had "Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva, she got there VG, judge thinked she was fat. Well that is his oppinion and we payed for it, but do not agree that. All dogs has faults, so do she, but fat isnt one of them :)

Becca in ring in Gimo

Second day Kicke was babysitting the puppies and Isabell joined me and also showed "Hilda" Bogaloo's Heavenly Anthem for me. With "Hilda" Bogaloo's Heavenly Anthem we tried "free stacking" and she did like that, and nice to not need to "struggle with her" as she nowadays seem to always backing in showring, she did get Exc4 with very nice evaluation. "Greta" Bogaloo's Gypsy Flower got also very nice evaluation and was Exc and placed 5'th in class so one out of "placings".

Photos taken at the walk, at our way home, we forgot to take any at showplace


September 02

Finally autumn is here, we just love it, now can be outside without melting and we started again our bloodtracking with dogs, which they love. Variating success although, will look up why, but season just started so plenty of time.
Yesterday little "Inez" Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow was at show, this time was SKK Öland and she was there nicely 1hp and was BOB-puppy, later on among picked as the last 6 out of some 20 puppies before left the ring.
Her big sister "Hetty" Bogaloo's Happy In My Heart was in same show but not the best show mood, and she got there a Vg for the day.

Inez 7 months and 3 weeks old

At the Finnish side Ann-Helen and "Nellie" Bogaloo's Girl Power At Spring Ace took their second 1'st price in tracking test in winner class, just one to go for the title now, so proud of them!

Nellie, here at a photo taken last summer :)


August 17

Last weekend we finally went to a show, been a weird summer with no time or possibility to go showtrips, so it was nice to finally go. We got a very variating day, heaven all open and sending rain on us most part of the day. First out was our Springer girls, both in open class, very greatful for the handler help we got, girls choosed that it is Greta that get handler help, Hilda was in "I will not stand at all mood" so not fair to give her to someone else :)
Was today also very high entries in Springer ring, and judge was spaniel specialist from Norway.

"Hilda" Bogaloo's Heavenly Anthem showed nicely in first round, got Exc2 & Cq. "Greta" Bogaloo's Gypsy Flower was a joy to watch in other handlers hands, she really enjoyed and moved so lovely. she was today Exc3 in openclass.

In best bitch competition Hilda decided that she had been standing still enough so didnt stand even a second, but hey...Hilda is Hilda, with so much own ideas and I am happy she showed nice in beginning at least :)

Our little blue star "Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva did have record entry, highest entry in breed for the year out of FKK's registred shows and 13 Brazilians, which from those was 9 bitches.
"Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva was Exc1, Cq and she just moved and moved and moved. She trotted herself into a CC, BB-1 and a BOS!!!

Was a pleasant trip home, all tired but so happy (and springers LOVE to go in ferry, because they know that there they are allowed in beds with us...)

In Sweden was "Hetty" Bogaloo's Happy In My Heart both days to show,first day in Askersund where she got Exc- and second day she was in Ronneby where she got Exc3 cq.


July 28

Since the last update has in Sweden been the big Club Show, there was two of our H-girls entered, "Dottie" B.Hungry Heart got there Exc4, out of a class of 18. In same show was also"Hetty" Bogaloo's Happy In My Heart first time in openclass (both was) and got a nice Exc- there, "Hetty" has also been in a inoff since last update where she was not just BOB and BIG-1 but went all the way to BEST IN SHOW!!!.
"Chubby" B.Ghost Whisperer At Larix was entered the day after in Högbo and got there a Exc-.

TODAY little "Inez" Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow been on show again to Ljungby Inoff. She was there nicely BOB-puppy in this superwarm weather and ended up as not just BIG-1 but also BIS-4 Puppy!

Inez with her nice wins from the show

We do not get som much done otherwise due to the extreme heat and dryness outside, dogs looses muscle condition when have to stay mostly inside, so no use to enter to any shows when not in hard nice thight muscles :(

A little while in evening is the only possible time to play a bit outside.

Girls play in the non-living grass in late evening when bit cooler


June 17

"Hetty" Bogaloo's Happy In My Heart was again to a inoff.show this time she was BOB, BIG-1 & BIS-2

In same show was also "Inez" Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow making her puppy debute. She was nicely BOS-Puppy

BOB-Puppy Wilmio's Nothing Else Matters & BOS Bogaloo's I'm In The Flow

Today was "Leah" Bogaloo's Follow The Leader in Tracking test in Finland and got there her second 1'st price in open class, now she move up to winners class.


June 09

"Hetty" Bogaloo's Happy In My Heart has been to a training show today, and she celebrated Åland Island selfdependence day by being BOB and BIG-1, judge was Heléne Nilsson Andersson.


May 27

Yesterday was some of our breedings in show.
In Finland in Vasa Gr.show was "Nellie" Bogaloo's Girl Power At Spring Ace entering one more show, in motherly dress (lost coat) but happily showing to a Exc1 under breedspecialist Sanna Kavén.

In Sweden in Gimo Nord.Show was "Dottie" B.Hungry Heart entered and got a Exc2. In same show was also "Chubby" B.Ghost Whisperer At Larix entered and got a VG (was too short in body and narrow, WHAT?) , so lovely to see him again in full showpreparing in ring, just looking so great <3


May 22

Last weekend we had "Dottie" B.Hungry Heart and Isabell visiting. We did enter the Lemland Gr.Show and results was really nice for all the girls.

Our little blue star "Becca" Sofalex Bogaloos Brazil Da Silva was Exc1, Cq, BB-2 and Res-CC.

In springer ring we had 3 girls.

"Hilda" Bogaloo's Heavenly Anthem was Exc2, Cq, BB-1 and Res-CC.

"Greta" Bogaloo's Gypsy Flower was Exc1.

"Dottie" B.Hungry Heart did a repeat from last year and was Exxc1, Cq, BB-1, CC and BOB !!!

Same day was also "Nellie" Bogaloo's Girl Power At Spring Ace doing comeback after her nice litter of puppies which is now 12 weeks old, she was Exc1, Cq, BB-4.

Was a really sunny and nice weekend.

April 29

Some more news. Last puppies moved to their homes, "Isac" B.In God We Trust moved to his big brother "Hille" B.Honky Tonk Man.
"Inez" B.I'm In The Flow got a lovely Gordon Setter lady as her new housemate :)

"Dottie" B.Hungry Heart competed in obediencetest startclass two days in a row, with approved result both days.


April 11

Finally some small updates. Today it was "Betty" B.I'm On it that got a fast trimming and some snapshots, 13 weeks old now.


March 24

We are now working on new homepage again, cross my fingers this will work nicely now.

We will update page by page as it gets ready. It takes more time than when made the old page as this one is made in another software and of course that one is also new to me :)

Older News

We did not bring older news to this new homepage, when 2018 is over that info will be moved here.

So for now we just added a photo of a old gang of ours, lovely memorable dogs!

Wilda, Candy, Benny, Linn, Annie and Lillie



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